Study On Online Home Work

The study discussed the parents, students and teachers’ views towards online in the education system with a focus on its impact on student grades and performance, and the perception of the students about online home work. The research methodologies consisted of surveys distributed over a sample of students and teachers and interviews with participants.

Online Home Work

Parents and teachers were asked what factors they considered to be the main reasons for their children to complete an online home work. The survey also included the question on whether the student was motivated or not towards completing the work or if they needed some extra incentives to work online. The results showed that most parents and teachers considered time constraints as the main cause behind their students’ non-completion of work. Moreover, they felt that they have to do everything possible to help their children complete online work and this is why they need to sacrifice time and even sometimes money to encourage their students to complete the online assignments.

On the other hand, most students feel that they do not have any choice but to do it because they are facing a grade drop due to lack of time or money. They feel that they need to work hard and complete their assignments for which they need to pay full attention on the assignment because they do not have much of time. However, students believe that it is the responsibility of the teacher or parents to provide an additional incentive for the students to complete the assignments.

The study also involved interviewing students who have completed their online assignments and finding out their opinion on their grade improvement. The results showed that the students who had been assigned to complete the online assignments felt that it was not easy and they felt they are not able to do everything on time. On the other hand, the students who completed the assignments did feel that it was easy and they did not feel that it took much effort.

The students were also asked to provide their opinions regarding the benefits of online assignment and the disadvantages that they faced because of it. Most students who have completed their online assignments did not face any difficulties while other students who completed their assignments reported difficulties like they could not complete the work on time due to their busy schedule and the deadlines imposed by the school or because of the lack of skills.

Overall, students who have completed their online assignments felt that they needed more motivation and they needed to do more work than before in order to accomplish their online assignments. and that the online assignments gave them a feeling of accomplishment.

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